Merchandising for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Since 2004. MVM Merchandising Agency has been providing merchandising for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

We are a leading Merchandising Agency. We deliver exceptional value to our clients, by providing fast, effective and efficient visual merchandising, product positioning and marketing materials services. We are a team who understands the retail business. We value teamwork and build team spirit. We build long-term partnerships with our clients that certainly lead to success.


Product display and positioning play a key role in increasing sales and building a strong brand. Every day we are the witness of bad product and POS materials positioning in retail stores (empty shelves, disordered place of sale). Retail merchandising and display solutions are services provided by the MVM Group, which significantly reduce costs.

For businesses that don’t have its merchandising department and that deliver products to the central warehouse. MVM Group provides an outsourcing service – delegating responsibility for the sale, positioning and promotion of products in retail, from a distributor or manufacturer to a merchandising agency, or in this case to the MVM Group. We are proud of the extensive network of merchandisers across Serbia, which significantly reduces the costs of training, organizing and coordinating your own team.

Our retail merchandising services include:


If your purchase frequency is high, and your current merchandising team is unable to maintain good positions, we offer you additional merchandising services. Consulting you first, all outsourced merchandising activities will be done by our merchandisers in order to maximize the placement of products on the market.

We offer additional merchandising service as:

FREQUENCY OF VISITS of the retail stores by merchandising teams:


Reporting is in real – time, through ESTEH software, By using a tablet computers, reporting is done in real time. You can find more information about ESTEH at

All merchandisers and their activities are monitored by GPS from our office for more accurate reporting to clients.


Daily report at a retail store


Great shelf better sale

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