Merchandising for pharmacy/medicine

Pharmacy Merchandising Services involves a combination of techniques related to the layout of products and advertising material at the point of sale. The main task of the MVM merchandising team is the proper display and targeted positioning of the product on the shelves and in the store, all in order to increase sales.


Product display and positioning play a key role in increasing sales and building a strong brand. Every day we are the witness of bad product and POS materials positioning in pharmacies (empty shelves, disordered place of sale).

An example of good and bad positioning

Bad positioning is due to the following reasons:

The direct impact of the lack of merchandising for financial institutions:



Depending on the requirements, we can weekly check every object from the mentioned systems (including all activities inside the place of sale). On-demand of clients, but according to the selling and marketing campaign, we provide daily attendance of our merchandisers for bigger buildings.


The use of software and databases gives us the ability, at any time, to provide our customers with real-time updates in a number of predefined formats or with a special report made to suit the customer’s request.


Daily report


Pharmacy merchandising

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